Download Best Halloween 2016 Wallpapers for PC

Download Best Halloween 2016 Wallpapers for PC
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Autumn is the best season of all. Nothing can beat the vibrant colors of fall, where plants transition from green to various shades of orange. The cool breeze that makes you reach for your cardigan. The crackles of the fallen leaves that crunch when you take a walk to enjoy the setting sun. Your favorite Pumpkin Spice Latte makes a comeback. The best of all, the trick or treat season, Halloween. The start of the festive season. Where every year, we are on the hunt for the perfect costume, scary decor ideas and spooky horror parties. Time to think about new pranks to trick your friends and bring out those classic horror movies with witches, ghosts and zombies to add into the atmosphere of fear.thumb-1920-186301

Who doesn’t love Halloween, it is just the best time of the year where every one of us gets a chance to be some one else? Who are you planning to be this year? Sensual Medussa, the fascinating Motricia Adams or the ferocious Kattanis Everdeen? Maybe the possibilities run into dazzling vampire Damon, Flash or even the enigmatic Pablo Escobar? The possibilities are endless and that is what we love about this festive occasion. Drama, decor, pumpkin and fun. But do you know that Halloween, has its origin amidst the magical island of Ireland. So, was it all fun or did Halloween have some sinister origins? The event can be traced Celts celebration of Samhain in 8th BC.

On this night the veil between the living world and the dead world was very thin and people who passed away in the last year moved on to the realm of the dead. Before doing so, they walked the earth one last time but not all ghosts were friendly, so Celts offered sweets to appease them. This is from where the Trick-or-Treat tradition comes from. Wearing costumes or dressing as ghosts is also not new. People believed that ghosts would not harm another ghost, so when they moved out of their houses they dressed as spirits to trick the ghosts. Sounds spooky doesn’t it that how our modern traditions have their roots in death and fear. So, this year when you take up your basket for trick-o-treating beware of the old souls walking alongside you. You never know what’s lurking in the shadows.

Having said all that, let’s move on to what we are here for. To add to your Halloween 2016 celebrations, we have collected Best Halloween wallpapers for PC in HD resolution for your Desktop PC and Laptop. You can go ahead and pick up your favorite wallpaper and then save it to your PC. We hope that you like these!

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