Download Modern Combat Versus for PC and Laptop

Download Modern Combat Versus for PC and Laptop
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The wait is over. Latest installment in the Modern Combat series is here. Gameloft is up with the new Modern Combat Versus. It’s been long since we have been playing Modern Combat 5. There was a dire need of a new variant in the Modern Combat games. Versus variant promises the same massive action, but with the new graphics, new strategies and new elements.Modern Combat Versus for PC

Gameloft’s Modern Combat Versus allows the players to choose their agent in the game. Once players have chosen their agent, they are all set to jump into the battlefield where bullets are raining in from the all the directions. As a team leader, players have to protect their team and lead them to the victory. Multiple warfares are set to welcome the players. A different Agent will be dedicated for different warfares. A number of maps is given, players will travel across the world to free it up from the evil forces. Furthermore, this game is online multiplayer which means you can play up to the 4v4 mode. Join hands with other players to form alliances or invite others to join your team. Do not let your companions behind when they need you. Pick them up if they get injured during the war. Do not forget to upgrade your weapons to make sure that you have the best defense available. Perform the costume upgrades to increase the strength and power of your Agents.

At the moment, Modern Combat Versus has made its way to select countries. It can be played on Android smartphones and tablets using the Google Play Store. Just in case you want to enjoy this game on a bigger screen or you just have a phone which doesn’t support a high-end game like the Modern Combat Versus, you can immediately play it on a computer. Modern Combat Versus will run on a computer just like you play it on a handheld. The only difference will be, instead of a touch-screen, you will be using the keyboard and mouse.

Modern Combat Versus for PC can be downloaded and played on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MacOS, OS X. To play Modern Combat Versus for PC right now, follow the easy steps given in the guide below.

Download: Modern Combat Versus for PC | Modern Combat Versus for Android 

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