How to play or run Apps for PC via BlueStacks 2

How to play or run Apps for PC via BlueStacks 2
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BlueStacks 2 is the successor of the famous Android emulator BlueStacks. BlueStacks 2 carried the biggest changes in the history of BlueStacks. BlueStacks developers managed to change the whole emulator by adding new features, putting up a new UI, adding support for new features and a lot more. BlueStacks 2 is what the users always wanted to see in BlueStacks.

In case you’ve got no idea about BlueStacks, you might want to know that its an app player which basically emulates Android on your Windows or MacOS (Mac OS X) PC/Laptop. BlueStacks is a choice for those who want to take the experience of an Android handheld to their computers. BlueStacks is supported by Google Play Store, which means you can access all applications of an Android device right on your computer. You can play all your favorite games on a bigger screen, use the applications which are only available for Android and are not available for Windows or OS. BlueStacks also happens to be handy when your device is having compatibility issues with certain applications. BlueStacks’s original version is still available for MacOS or OS X, but you will only find the BlueStacks 2 for Windows now. You can grab an offline version of the original BlueStacks for Windows though.

So that was a brief overview of what BlueStacks is and its new version. Let’s discuss some features of the BlueStacks 2 now.

BlueStacks 2 offers  the following features.

Multi-tasking Capability

Android devices have been enjoying multi-tasking features for quite a while now. This useful feature has remained missing on the BlueStacks app player, but keeping in view the growing number of users, BlueStacks team decided to introduce Multi-tasking feature in BlueStacks 2. You can now play and use multiple apps at once. The BlueStacks 2 shows your multiple applications in the form of taps. You can easily switch to any tab and access your running application on the go. You can play and use other applications in parallel now.

Simplified and Efficient

A new Toolbar has been introduced in the App Player. This Toolbar contains functions like set location, shake the screen, adjust volume and some other cool features. These functions make BlueStacks 2 App Player much more easy and simple to use.

Optimized and Ready to Play Apps

BlueStacks team has also optimized some famous Android apps and games for BlueStacks 2. you can enjoy a handful of applications running smoothly on your Windows PC or Mac OS X Macbook, iMac by means of BlueStacks 2.

Worldwide Welcome

A new Worldwide section has been introduced in BlueStacks 2. The section shows up the best applications that are being played by users all across the world.

BlueStacks 2 has also got a new location bar on the left side. The location bar has the following features.



Screen Rotation feature: Rotate the screen in Landscape and in Portrait mode.

The very first button in the toolbar is the screen rotation option. You can now rotate the screen of your BlueStacks emulator in just one tap / click. You can play either in the phone mode or tablet mode depending upon the type of the game you’re playing.

Screen Shake Feature

2nd icon in the toolbar allows you to shake the screen of your BlueStacks 2 emulator. If you’re playing a game that needs the screen to be shaken, the 2nd button is right there to support your game.

Screenshots in BlueStacks 2

The 3rd button in the toolbar will allow you to capture screen. Capturing screen wasn’t directly possible in the original BlueStacks. BlueStacks 2 has this feature and now you can capture what’s going on inside your Android device running on your computer.

Location in BlueStacks 2

4th button in the toolbar allows you to locate yourself on the map. You can get into Google Maps and play with locations on the go.

APK installation feature

The button next to location will allow you to install APK files in your BlueStacks 2. You can just click the APK button located in the middle and then select the APK file downloaded in your PC. You can also install the APK file by double clicking the APK file, but this feature allows you to install APK files staying inside your BlueStacks 2 emulator.

Transfer files between Windows and BlueStacks 2

Using the last button in the toolbar, you can copy files from your Windows PC to your Android emulator and vice versa.

Other buttons allow you to copy/paste, control the volume and take you to the help menu of BlueStacks 2.

Custom Controls

Apart from these useful features, BlueStacks 2 has also got custom controls. BlueStacks 2 now allows you to set custom controls for individual apps and games. A small keyboard sets atop of the screen while you’re using BlueStacks 2. You can click this small keyboard located at the top-right of your BlueStacks 2 and set custom controls once you’ve opened an application.


Now that we have learnt everything about BlueStacks 2, we can safely proceed with the BlueStacks 2 installation and also learn how to install and run Apps for PC via BlueStacks 2.


How to install BlueStacks 2


    1. Connect your laptop or computer to the internet and download BlueStacks 2 App Player for Window. BlueStacks 2 is not available for Mac OS X or MacOS currently. OS X users can use BlueStacks to run Apps for PC for the time being.
    2. Once you’ve downloaded BlueStacks 2 App Player, click on its setup file and follow on-screen instructions to install it.
    3. BlueStacks 2 will ask you to enable App Store access, on this screen check both the options and click Install.batch_batch_BlueSTacks-1
    4. Finish the BlueStacks 2 installation now.batch_batch_BlueStacks-2
    5. Once you’re done finishing BlueStacks 2 installation, open it from under the program files or using the desktop shortcut on your Windows computer.
    6. Click on the small gear button on the top-right corner of your BlueStacks 2 to open BlueStacks 2 settings.batch_batch_Screenshot_5
    7. Now in Settings > Open Add Account > Google or BlueStacks account.
    8. If you have an existing gmail account, click on existing and add your gmail credentials. Click on the other option “Create New Account” if you do not have a gmail account already. Once you’ve setup the Google Gmail account in BlueStacks 2, it will take you to One-Time Setup screen. batch_batch_Screenshot_7
    9. In One-Time Setup screen click Continue. It will require you to enable App Sync, you will have to enter your Google Account once again to finish One-Time Setup.
    10. Once you’re with the One-Time Setup, you will have the Google Play Store enabled with the BlueStacks Account setup. You’re all set to install and run Android Apps for PC using the BlueStacks 2 now.batch_batch_Screenshot_8


How to install and run Apps for PC using BlueStacks 2

  1. Make sure that you’ve installed BlueStacks 2 properly and also setup the Google Play Store.
  2. Open BlueStacks 2 App Player now and click on the Android tab appearing at the top.
  3. Now click on the “Search” button inside the Android menu and type in the name of game/app you want to look for.
  4. Now click on “Search Play for gamenameexample”. It will take you to the Google Play Store.batch_batch_BlueStacks-3
  5. Once your searched application or game shows up, install it and then access it from the Android tab. You can play it using the on-screen guide and that’s all.batch_batch_Screenshot_10batch_batch_Screenshot_11


How to install and run Apps for PC APK files using BlueStacks 2

  1. Download Android APK file of the application or game that you want to install.
  2. Now open the BlueStacks 2 App Player.
  3. Click in the APK icon located in the middle of the toolbar on the left.
  4. Locate the APK file in your computer and click on it to install it.batch_12333779_844958712269930_1214880849_o
  5. BlueStacks 2 will install and it it will pop up under the Android tab.batch_12336220_844958705603264_1078694120_n
  6. Alternatively you can simply click the downloaded APK file and it will automatically begin its installation via BlueStacks 2.
  7. That’s all from us for now.


We hope that this guide proved to be useful for you. In case you’ve got any kind of queries or suggestions, reach us out through the comment box or through the contact us page on our site. Thank you.



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